Visiting at Blogger

Windows Live Space blogs are going to be phased out with WordPress taking over existing blogs.  Unfortunately, photo albums stay with Live Space and I have had no success in transferring preexisting posts across to Blogger. They are here on WordPress.

I plan on trying out Blogger for a while as so many of the blogs I follow are already on my existing Blogger Dashboard.

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Chocolate Star Quilt Top

I have finally finished the Chocolate Star Quilt Top.  This is from the BOM (Block of the Month) with FatCat Patterns.  I did mine in scrap fabrics using the leftovers from the blocks to do the Friendship Stars in the outer border.

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Broken Crockery Wallhanging

Finally, I have a working computer and can make posts again.  Both computer and digital camera died. I was lost.

Some of the quilters on the website: the CW BOM forum: decided to have a go at doing the Barbara Brackman,  Broken Crockery Wallhanging, as shown on her blog site, Material Culture

I made mine from reproduction fabric I had left over from doing the Civil War Reproduction BOM quilt top.


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DaChintzy Code Mystery Quilt

I have signed up to participate in the DaChintzy Code Mystery Quilt Challenge on the forum: Challenge Forum.

Participants had to choose a focus fabric, two other fabrics and a background. Several quilters have signed up to participate with most of them posting a picture of their chosen fabrics. Initial cutting instructions have been given with the clues arriving once a fortnight starting September 1st.

Here are the fabrics I have chosen. I stole the focus fabric from the backing I was going to use for my Chocolate Star quilt.

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Chelsea Wall Hanging

I have finished the Chelsea Wallhanging. The Pauline Smith design came from the Kaffe Fasset book Quilts in the Sun..   I’m not really a lollipop flower person but I love the colours and enjoyed handquilting this

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July Chocolate Star

This is the last Chocolate Star for the BOM at FatCat Patterns. There is still the setting to put together including sashing, borders and Friendship stars around the outside.  Sindy at FatCat Patterns has wonderful designs for sale and free.

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After the Rain

I went out to the garden for the first time after much rain, fog and frost. Everything is drenched, looks dank and limp. We have had severe frost and lots of fog over the last few weeks. I was ill a few days in a row and didn’t get to cover the lower raised vegetable beds with plastic like I ususally do. Fortunately, the plants survived even though where they are is a frost pocket. The beds are obviously high enough to be out of the frost. 

The passionfruit vines and sage aren’t doing very well with the frost and cold. I moved the sage and gave the passionfruit some seaweed solution. 

The broadbeans, spinach and brusselsprouts are doing well as is the Winter grass in the future potato bed.  The next lot of snow peas are coming up, the parsley is bushy and the lavender is flowering.

Today I picked mushrooms, small broccoli sideshoots and spinach to go with a chicken dinner.

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June’s Stitching

 Besides the Chocolate Star of the last post  I managed to do a Sawtooth Star for the Fasset Deep Ohio Star that I am working on.   I also cut out and appliqued the three sections of the Chelsea Wallhanging design by Kaffe Fasset. 

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June Chocolate Star

I have finished June’s Chocolate Star block  from the FatCat Patterns BOM. There is only one more left to do although with the design I might use for the top construction, I will have to make one more.

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Broad Beans a Growing

I tried out one patch of broad beans in a metal circle, on a spot where I want to build up the soil from the hard thick clay that exists all over my yard.  I have found a crop of broad beans or potatoes excellent for starting to break into the clay…along with a good dose of gypsum. These broad beans don’t seem to mind this, usually damp in Winter, spot.  I like to make Felafel from the broad beans.

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